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October 21, 2021

6 Reasons You Should Never Buy Or Sell Without An Agent


Whether you're buying or selling your home, having a seasoned real estate agent on your side is a tremendous advantage. Both of these transactions take a lot of time, effort, and know-how. Even if you're somewhat familiar with the current real estate market, it's probably not something you deal with daily. On the other hand, realtors have inside knowledge of all the market trends. Additionally, they have a lot of experience. They've dealt with all sorts of properties, clients, and contracts. Therefore, they'll provide you with valuable insight and advice. Not to mention you're more likely to achieve the price you want with their help. As you may see, a good agent is an essential asset in many ways. If you're still not sure hiring a realtor is a good call, here are six reasons why you should never buy or sell without an agent!


#1 They're experts in their field and know the market inside out


A little bit of knowledge can sometimes be more dangerous than no knowledge at all. Even if you know a bit about the market in general, it's far from enough. Acting on half-accurate information can lead to making tremendous mistakes. You may overpay for your new home or miss some major flaws of the property or clauses in the contract. If you're selling, your home might end up unnoticed on the market without you knowing exactly why.


On the other hand, an experienced agent knows more than the shallow surface of the market. It's their professional habitat, so they notice the slightest changes and opportunities. What people often don't realize is that local markets are specific and unique.


For example, you might know whether some city is a sellers' or buyers' market and what the median price of a home is. However, all of this changes from neighborhood to neighborhood. That's why hiring an expert agent is very important.

#2 They have loads of valuable contacts


Once you hire an agent with valuable local market knowledge, they can help you in many other ways, too. For example, every agent has their own network of contacts. Not only do they probably know your buyer's or seller's agent, but also the other participants in the process. And there are many of those. Your agent can recommend trustworthy mortgage lenders, lawyers, and home inspectors, as well as home stagers and interior designers.


Additionally, they can even provide you with a recommendation for a professional handyman or moving company. Planning the relocation amid buying/selling negotiations can be very overwhelming. Whether you're selling or buying, you'll need someone to pick up your belongings and deliver them to your new address.


Also, depending on the process, you may find yourself in a gap between homes. In that case, your agent can help you find the most convenient storage solution that includes pickup and delivery. That way, your belongings will not be in the way. Instead, they'll be safe and sound in your storage unit until you're ready to have them delivered to your new home.

#3 An experienced agent will help you achieve the best price


Another reason why you should never buy or sell without an agent is financial advice. They can advise you on finding a reliable mortgage lender and help you assess your financial situation realistically.


If you're selling your home, they can help you to increase the value of your home. They know from experience what the prospective buyers look for. So they can offer tips on home improvement projects with the best ROI or staging your home for sale.

Also, they'll help you determine the right price for your home. Set it too high, and buyers won't be interested. Too low, and the buyers will be suspicious. Your agent will compare your home with the homes recently sold in the same area and set a realistic price.


On the other hand, if you're buying, your agent will be equally valuable. They'll help you find the best home for you that is within your budget. Plus, with their help, you'll create an appealing but realistic offer when the time comes.


#4 An agent will guide you through the whole process


If you need more reasons, consider the paperwork. There are a lot of documents, drafts, contracts, and agreements in connection to both selling and purchasing a home. What's more, they might come with legal phrases or concepts we don't fully understand.

However, a professional agent will be closely familiar with all of them. An excellent agent will be open to all your questions and ready to explain and discuss these issues with you. Plus, they'll guide you through the whole process and offer expert advice.


#5 They're expert negotiators


If you're still not sure why you should never buy or sell without an agent, consider this. You and the seller/buyer are a hair's breadth from making the deal. But there's one minor problem that's preventing you both from closing.

Here your agent will prove invaluable. They're expert negotiators with ample experience with competitive markets, bidding wars, and cutthroat tactics. Their savvy negotiation skills will help you achieve your goal and avoid overstretching yourself.


#6 A good agent will work in your best interests


Last but not least, your agent will always be on your side. As you already know, buying or selling a home is one of the most significant emotional and financial decisions. A good agent will listen to everything you have to tell them.

Discuss your budget, location, the type of home you need with them. If you're selling, talk to your agent about your expectations and provide all relevant information on your soon-to-be-ex home.

Open, two-way communication is vital for closing the deal successfully. Your agent will have your best interests at heart and work in your favor. This is one of the most important reasons why you should never buy or sell without an agent.


Author bio:

James Greene is a real estate industry professional and a freelance writer. When he is not busy helping people buy and sell homes, he enjoys spending time with his family and doing various DIY projects.


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