About Us


“At Roadrunner, we truly believe that we can make a positive change in the financial lives of our customers. Through our innovative, flat-fee, full service, and transparent selling process, we put the money back where it belongs: into the hands of the homeowner.

Our experienced team lists and sells real estate in your area with a dedication to our customers from start to finish. We see the value in every listing and believe that each client deserves the same exceptional customer service experience. Our commitment to delivering these principles is paramount.”

About The Owner

Howdy! My name is Jonathan Yokley (Twitter @yokley_jonathan)

I am the owner of Texas Roadrunner Realty! I’m a hard-working family guy, an active father of 2, and a lucky guy who won the spouse lottery. When I’m not meeting with clients you’ll find me at our home in Boerne spending time with our family and neighbors, working on the house, camping with the scouts, kayaking, and watching movies with my family.

I started in the real estate industry in 2005 as a mortgage loan officer. I learned the mortgage business working for the largest lender in the country relocating Fortune 500 corporate Executives and Military Brass across the country. In 2014 I pursued my bigger dream and attained my Real Estate License and started in general real estate. Over the past years, I’ve been a top seller in my realty group and have been fortunate to help so many wonderful folks buy, sell, and move up in and around San Antonio.

Contact Jonathan:
210-598-7600 x700

Contact Me

Throughout 2017 I polled Clients, Family, Friends, Neighbors, Colleagues, and Strangers about what is wrong with the real estate industry. I kept running into similar themes: It costs too much to sell, real estate agents make way too much, most homes are found online, all agents do the same thing…. I listened, did the research and incorporated those findings into a business plan. On January 1st 2018 I started Texas Roadrunner Realty with a mission to make my clients wealthier, by dramatically reducing the cost to sell real estate.

My offer: Full-Service Listing for a Fair FLat Fee of $3,500

24165 IH-10 West, Suite 217-170 San Antonio, TX 78257