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April 3, 2020


So you’ve hired your agent, de-cluttered, and prepared your home for showings.  What should you do to prepare for your real estate photography session?   


I asked Craig McCasland, professional real estate photographer, what he’d find most helpful for the homeowner to do prior to the session and he shared his pet peeves.  “[It’s] people  not being prepared for photography at the scheduled time… [they’re] wanting to move [items] from room to room during the photo session.”  He also shared that doesn’t like seeing burnt out light bulbs which he thinks “gives buyers a hint about other delayed maintenance”.  Additionally he says mis-colored or mixed colors of lighting are “not cool”.  

Digital curb appeal (making sure your listing looks amazing online) is arguably the most important thing when it comes to selling your home quickly and making the most from it. Statistically, nearly everyone finds a home online.  Home sellers need to do their part to make sure potential buyers don’t swipe by the listing.


Here are the best things you can do inside an out to maximize your photography session.  



·       MANICURE LAWN - within a few days of photography.   Trim trees/bushes, mow/edge, clear out clutter from the yard, and make sure flowerbeds have a new layer of mulch.  If the season permits, consider adding some colorful seasonal flowers to the beds.

·       POWER WASH - driveway and sidewalks.  This makes your yard look bright and clean and gives the feel of the home being well taken care of.

·       MOVE CARS - into the garage or out of the way (park across or down the street, not in front of the house)

·       TIDY UP BACK YARD - Clear all loose toys/items (of course leaving play-sets, etc.), pick up after pets, and declutter overall.

·       CLEAN UP POOL - If you have a pool make sure its tidied up as well.  Remove cleaning robots and clear out any pool toys.



·       TURN ON EVERY LIGHT - this includes lamps, closet lights, fixtures, etc.

·       REPLACE BURNT OUT LIGHTS –make sure bulbs are the same color, missing and/or mix-matching colors stands out in photos.

·       TURN OFF CEILING FANS - leave lights on.

·       FULLY OPEN ALL BLINDS - with slats all horizontal.

·       REMOVE BATH MATS - from every bathroom.

·       CLEAR OFF BATHROOM COUNTERS - Completely remove items from bathroom counters, and remove all products from shower/tub areas (except hand soap).

·       CLEAR OFF KITCHEN COUNTERS - Remove all items from counters except hand soap and maybe a decorative item or two.  

·       CLEAN GLASS - make sure mirrors, windows, bathroom glass is clean and clear.

·       TIDY UP - make sure all toys, loose items, nick-backs are picked up and stowed away.


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