August 8, 2021


How Do Professionals Clean Gutters?


Cleaning the gutters of your home is a task that most homeowners try to avoid throughout the year due to the amount of work it entails. This can lead to their gutters becoming clogged with fallen leaves and other debris that blocks the drainage system, which causes flooding every time it rains. This overflow of water can then cause further damage to your home.


While some homeowners like to take on home improvement projects themselves, cleaning the gutters of your home can be a difficult task. This is why when it comes to your gutters, all cleaning jobs should be left to professionals as they have a detailed system that goes beyond what homeowners can fix themselves.


How Professional Gutter Cleaners Operate


If you’re considering gutter cleaning, take a look at how professional gutter cleaning companies get the job done right before investing in this type of service for your home.

The Right Equipment


Like any professional service, you can expect they’ll have the right tools to ensure your gutters are thoroughly cleaned. This includes industrial strength vacuums, cleaning attachments that fit seamlessly in all parts of your gutters, and high-powered pressure washing machines that will unclog any area that may be overstuffed with debris.  

Exterior Gutter Cleaning


Not only will a professional gutter cleaning company ensure the interior of your gutters are spotless, but they’ll also use powerful cleaning solutions and mechanical brushes to clean the outside of your gutters as well, which will help you improve the curbside appeal of your home.


Cleaning off Roof Debris


What you may not have known, is that professional gutter cleaners also clean debris off of the roof of your home to avoid future deposit into your actual gutters. Overtime, any debris that is on your roof is going to make its way into your gutters when it rains and is windy. Therefore, by cleaning off the roof, professional cleaners ensure your gutters remain unclogged for longer.

Inspection of Downspouts


Clean gutters are great; however, they aren’t going to function properly unless the downspouts of your gutter system are free of debris as well. Overtime, the downspouts can become clogged with all kinds of items and debris which is why it’s important to have a professional come and inspect them to ensure water can flow easily.

Overall Gutter Inspection


Another great reason to hire a professional gutter cleaning company is because they will also inspect the overall quality of your gutters to ensure there are no cracks, holes, or other damage that can diminish its function.  


The Cleanup


And lastly, the difference between cleaning your gutters yourself and hiring a professional team is that rather than clean up all the debris that is removed from your gutter system, the company will clean it for you. This ensures that the curb appeal of your property doesn’t diminish, leaving a clean polished look.


Cleaning your gutters is one of those home improvements tasks that can creep up on you and end up costing you more money and time should there be any damage. Therefore, the best thing for you to do is hire a professional gutter cleaning company who can get the job done efficiently without sacrificing the overall integrity of your gutters.



Guest Article by:

Jordan Zev

VP of Marketing & Success



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