July 29, 2021
Senior Living 

For aging adults, retirement often comes with the difficult decision to stay at home or move to a senior care facility. While living in your own home provides freedom and privacy, there are medical and financial challenges that come with aging that makes it necessary to move. 

Aging in Place, or remaining in your own home, is best for someone who loves their autonomy and has made the necessary preparations. This includes having a home that is accessible and free from safety hazards, such as slippery flooring or decors that may easily fall. Home modifications like handrails, stairlifts, and motion sensors can be installed to ensure the home's safety. 

In-home care services are available to provide personal care assistance, companionship, and monitoring to seniors living alone. It is also best for seniors to live near their loved ones or a reliable support system that could help them whenever needed. 

Downsizing, on the other hand, is often the best option for seniors who want to cut costs or have medical problems requiring constant care. Selling their homes could provide them with additional funds to cover their retirement and other medical expenses. It also relieves them of the task of managing a house. However, seniors must understand their different senior care options to find a place best suited for their care needs that will still allow them to thrive physically and mentally. Read more on how to prepare for a senior's move here.

Guest Contributor:   Darlene Smith
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