November 5, 2021

The best way to tackle a long-distance home renovation


Traditionally, renovating a home is a very hands-on project. You need to be present for a significant portion of it and dedicate a lot of time and effort to it, not just money. However, as times are changing, so do the ways we approach certain ventures in life. Nowadays, you can tackle a long-distance home renovation without ever setting foot near it. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that this option comes without its challenges. So, we will show you how to do it the best way possible.

Surround yourself with the right crew

To tackle a renovation from afar successfully, you should have a similar hands-on approach you would otherwise. Just because you're not there in the flesh doesn't mean that you cannot be very present in other ways. You should, however, have someone that you trust on-site 24/7.

Especially if you've just bought your first house, you're probably very concerned about trusting anybody with it. Finding the right contractors can be very difficult. Make sure to vet all the available options. Once you've narrowed them down, you should interview contractors face to face as well. This way, you'll get the whole picture and know what to expect.


Create a clear plan

Having a clear plan is of utmost importance when undertaking a long-distance home renovation. You need to be meticulous and organized. Start as soon as possible and get help if you need it. Try to write down all that you want to do and see if achieving it is realistic. Then, create a realistic timetable in which you and your crew can finish everything without much haste.


During both planning and executing the renovation, you'll inevitably run into some obstacles. When this happens, the important thing is to avoid rushing and trying to fit everything in. Instead, focus on the most critical things that urgently need fixing and installing so that you can move in. Later, when you've settled in and gotten used to your new life, you can dedicate your time to the other, less important things on your list.


Set a strict budget

Especially when it comes to finding a way to tackle a long-distance home renovation, you need to be very strict with your budgeting limits. Due to the COVID-19 repercussions, everyone's budgets have naturally become even more limited than before. Setting a particular sum and sticking to it will ensure that you're able to move and settle into your new home properly. As you're probably well aware, contractors have a habit of going over the planned timeframe and the set budget. Thus, it's imperative to be clear in advance and sign documents to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Safety first

A great thing about renovating your home remotely is that it makes safety during the pandemic much easier. However, you'll probably need to go out to do other renovation-related tasks. Make sure that you're keeping yourself and anyone else you come into contact with safe. Wash your hands frequently and wear a protective mask.

Think about moving in after you've renovated

Another thing you'll need to plan out beforehand is the relocation that awaits you. Handling long-distance relocation and moving into your newly renovated home is no small task. You need to know what to expect cost-wise and what your obligations are during the process. 

Also, make sure that you've handled your long-distance remodel before the moving day comes. There's nothing worse than having to juggle these two things; they're tough enough on their own.

Find decent movers

The most important thing that'll ensure a safe and peaceful relocation is hiring the best moving crew you can find. Depending on where you live, you'll find movers more or less quickly. Something that could make the whole thing a breeze is browsing through Best Long Distance Movers. Online databases are an excellent source of information. They are a starting point for your search and can make it a lot faster.  

Visit the place at least once

As you can see, tackling a long-distance home renovation is quite achievable. If you plan correctly and hire the right people, you won't have much to worry about. However, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't visit your new property if you can. Going there to see how the projects are progressing will do two things. Firstly, and more importantly, you'll gain peace of mind and have more confidence in all that's going on there. Secondly, the crew working on your house will get to know you, see your expectations, and be more likely to finish the project more efficiently.

Consult a friend that's had experience with this

If you lack experience dealing with long-distance home improvements and feel insecure about it, that's perfectly normal. However, know that there are people who house shop from afar, let alone renovate. With technological advancements, you can control things much better in this day and age, even if you're not present physically. Also, you can contact someone who you know has gone through a similar experience and ask for tips and tricks.


Don't stress too much

No matter how much effort and planning you put into this, know that it won't turn out perfectly. In order to tackle a long-distance home renovation successfully, you need to face this fact and accept it. Of course, the more you plan, the better chances you'll have of everything going according to the plan. If you do enough research, invest your time and effort into choosing the right people, and try to stay as calm as possible, this experience will fly by and be a very positive one.


Author's bio:

Silvia Benson has been a renovation and relocation consultant over the last five years. She's decided to dedicate her life to helping people during this typically stressful time after a fifty-year-long career as the CEO of one of the best moving companies in Texas.

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