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May 28, 2021

Wondering how to get your house ready for the market? Luckily, there are things you can do before listing your home to increase your odds of getting a strong offer from a buyer. From decluttering and cleaning to repainting and staging, here are the top tips to get your home ready to sell.


Make Your Front Entrance Look Inviting


Your front entrance is the first thing your potential buyers will see when they come to view your home. Therefore, the entryway has to give a great first impression. Repaint your front door, clean the mailbox or replace it if it is broken or rusty, and swap your welcome mat with a fresh mat with a design that beautifies the front entrance. Avoid placing mats with personal phrases like “welcome to our home.” It may make your customers feel like guests.


Depersonalize Your Interior and Exteriors


Remove your personal taste from your house’s design and furnishings so that purchasers can visualize themselves moving in. Besides, you do not want Christmas lights, garden gnomes, or ceramic frogs taking away from your landscape's curb appeal. A simple, good-looking landscape will attract any buyer.


Clean Your Roof to Clear Mold and Dirt


Does your roof look more beat than it really is? Weather elements can wear out your roof, and mold and dirt can settle on your roof in warm and rainy weather. Roof problems can delay the sale of your home because buyers are looking for move-in-ready houses and will avoid homes with potentially expensive issues. Hire an experienced professional to give your roof a nice, clean vibe.


Repave Your Uneven Concrete Driveway or Sidewalk


Uneven or patchy sidewalks and driveways are a sore sight for the eyes. Moreover, they pose major safety risks and cause buyers to look away. If the repairs are minor and you are up for a DIY mission, fix the issues yourself. Do not hesitate to hire professionals if the repairs are too much for you to handle.


Freshen Up Your House’s Smell


Every house has a distinct smell, and some houses smell better than others. Regardless of how much you clean your home, there are plenty of foul smells that will creep up naturally. This is particularly so when you consider the persistent stink in your kitchen sink, unavoidable pet dirt, and smelly trash disposal.


Clean your home from top to bottom to have a pleasant, neutral clean smell. Do not worry about getting scented candles or air fresheners. You do not want to overpower your buyers’ senses when they enter the house.


Assemble Warranty Info for Appliances That Come with Your Home


If there are appliances that come with the house, ensure to have the warranty info for every appliance ready to present to your buyer. Along with that, ensure you are familiar with the items you have included in your house sale. When signing a listing contract with your real estate agent, you will talk about these items.


The goal of getting your house ready for the market is to avoid embarrassment. Make sure every inch of your home including the basement, garage, drawers, and closet looks its absolute best. Likewise, ensure your house’s listing is heavily advertised online. Do not forget to leave your blinds and curtains open for a bright look and feel when your buyers come looking!


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