April 22, 2022

Home Renovations to Complete Before You Move In


There are two ‘groupings’ of renovations you should have done before moving in. First, we have renovations that would make your new home nearly unlivable if you are in it during them. And second, you have the quality of life improvements that are just nice to have done. Let us go into more detail about the home renovations to complete before you move in!

Kitchen renovation

The first item on our list of home renovation projects to complete before you move in is any kitchen renovation. Once you’ve gone through trying to find your Texas dream home, it can be easy to forget you’re still not done with the process until you’ve moved in. But if you give in to the urge and move in while your kitchen renovation is ongoing, then you are in a world of hurt. First, you never really realize how often you use your kitchen. And the truth is, you use it a lot! Even if all you do is pop into it to grab something from the fridge or heat up premade meals, this will no longer be an option until the renovation is done. This means you will need to get all your meals outside and figure out where to keep your other perishables for the duration.



Roof repair or replacement

As experienced moving and storage experts who have seen and done it all, pros such as Evolution Moving point out that you will have a lot of difficulties protecting your belongings from the elements if you are unlucky and the weather worsens while doing any kind of roof renovation. This means that, by moving in early, you are putting all of your things at risk. Including all sorts of appliances and electronics. Not to mention the potential damage to your home if you are using your electricity actively and something goes wrong. It is much better to have this included among the home renovations to complete before you move in!   


Any changes to the bathroom

Similar to the kitchen, you only really realize how much you use your bathroom when you can’t access it. This naturally makes it one of the home renovations to complete before moving in - especially since bathroom renovations are among the most popular changes that people make to their newly purchased homes. One ought to look into the best way to tackle long-distance home renovation and let contractors deal with it. Meanwhile, you can take the time to properly part with friends and family at your old address!

Renovating the living room

There is a straightforward reason you need to get the living room renovations completed before moving in - the inconvenience of not having done so. First off, the living room is typically in the center of your home. Having it taken up by renovations would present a challenge when moving through your house. Then, due to its positioning, the dust and noise produced during the process will infiltrate every inch of your home. For anyone with allergies, this will be hell on Earth. Finally, you would need to do a lot of furniture shuffling if you move in before the renovations. If you need to empty the room, you might even have to hire furniture movers in San Antonio to handle the heavy lifting. So, it is always best to have this room renovated beforehand.



Floor installation

Having your preferred flooring installed is a mix between need and quality of life upgrades. On the one hand, it is inconvenient to deal with the renovation work on your floor while living in the house. You will also not be able to move in any furniture until it is done. At the very least, you will need to awkwardly shuffle it around from room to room as work progresses. On the other hand, it is also a near necessity if the old flooring from before you made the purchase is bad. It can be scratched up and nearly ruined or very poor at temperature retention. Whatever the case, you likely want to get this done ahead of time.


Pest control

While not strictly considered renovation, you want to have pest control in advance of moving in. Some sellers are not upfront enough to flag cockroach infestations and similar concerns. And while it is possible to notice them during a house inspection, if enough cleaning is done in advance, it is possible to miss them too. This is why it is only smart to invite exterminators ahead of moving in, just in case.


Faulty wiring

Faulty wiring is not just inconvenient. While not having electricity in parts of your home is rough, it is still possible to deal with it. What is much more alarming is the possibility of a fire breaking out because of it. If the wiring does end up catching aflame, you risk the lives of your family by not having had it renovated before moving in. In comparison, while this would cause financial damage that would be enormous, it is not as important.  


Painting your walls

Once you’ve given into the signs it’s time to buy your first house and gone through the process, you want to make it feel like home quickly. So, the final home renovation to complete before you move in is another quality of life upgrade. You want to have your walls painted ahead of time for two reasons. First, previous owners tend to leave ugly splotches or mystery stains on the walls. No one likes to look at those or think too deeply about them. Second, you would need to do a lot of furniture shuffling, not to mention vacating those rooms for considerable amounts of time, if you do not have it done in advance.



Final Advice

Of course, while you are now aware of the home renovations to complete before you move in, what’s important is still how much your budget can handle. Having just bought a house, it is unlikely you have tons of funds available. So, if it would hurt your budget, it is still better to delay doing renovating and moving first!


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