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June 7, 2022

Before we start, let's just say that owning a San Antonio home is more than enough to satisfy anyone. However, one shouldn't just stop there! There are ways you can turn good into great and great into absolutely fantastic! We're talking about all these little value-boosters we'll cover in today's article! We'll show you the seven ways you can add value to your San Antonio home! Keep on reading to see what we've got in store for today! 

#1 Update the front door

Now, you're probably thinking: okay, they must be kidding. The truth's we're not kidding at all! One of the simplest ways to add value to your San Antonio home is to update your front door with a new coat of paint or give your door a total makeover (you might as well replace them). Research studies have shown that the front door possesses an almost magical quality: they're not so pricey to update/upgrade/replace, yet they seem to boost curb appeal tremendously. So, think about giving your front door a fresh, new look! Lastly, you don't want to stop there! An updated front door can only "work" if you're not sporting an old, in-desperate-need-of-a-repair garage door or something. 

#2 Install quality outdoor lighting

The next thing on our list is installing quality lighting on your home's lawn. It might seem unimportant, but your future potential buyers (especially if they're first-timers) might disagree. Otherwise, we wouldn't be mentioning this upgrade here. Anyway, you'll want to get all SMART about this one. What do we mean by that? You can install an outlet that allows you to control it via WiFi; imagine how easy it is to switch your lighting with one touch on the screen. Here's a suggestion: we recommend you opt for solar lights as the number 1 idea for your home's outdoor lighting. Also, it's an environmentally-conscious decision. Not to mention you'll spend less money covering energy bills. 

#3 Potted plants to the rescue

We can imagine most contemporary folks don't have much time to nurture a lush garden or something (unless, of course, they're in retirement). Anyway, one shouldn't worry about that fact too much since there exists a wonderful substitute known as potted plants! Instead of bragging to your potential buyers about how much sweat you've wasted on making this or that arrangement, you'll impress your guests with a row of potted plants on your front porch. Experts say that this might be the simplest way to boost your curb appeal instantly! Additionally, you can move your plants easily once they're potted. Experts such as suggest that you be extra careful when relocating your potted plants! Moving a whole garden isn't an easy task, they add! Humans endure stress when relocating, but plants do, too! 

#4 Paint the cabinets

Now, replacing your whole cabinet setup inside the kitchen might be too much (read: expensive and time-consuming). However, there's a way to make a change without investing both your time and money. In other words: you can give your kitchen cabinet system a fresh new coat of paint and practically enjoy the same results as you would if you've done the aforementioned pricey and time-consuming thing! It's pretty safe to say that kitchens are essential to potential buyers! Folks don't like to see scratched and dusty cabinets! A fresh paint job might be the thing your kitchen setup needs! 

#5 Conduct a home inspection every now and then

Of course, every process of selling a home requires that there should be a professional home inspection, just so everything's fair and square (read: transparent). Imagine you're selling your place, and a thorough home inspection reveals something you don't know yourself was there. Not to mention that your buyers might be a bit suspicious since you haven't said a word about it. Needless to say, you'll have to lower the price or lose potential buyers. To avoid this scenario, your best bet is to organize an inspection before putting your home on the market. Or, if you will, you might even conduct these inspections regularly. Even though it might sound a bit too expensive, the main point is that you'll save some money in the long run! 

#6 Throw away old carpets

Here's another one on the list of simple ways to add value to your San Antonio home! The thing is: no one likes old carpets, some even go that far as to say that carpeting is a trend that's dying out faster than one would've predicted. Anyway, think about throwing away old carpets. Nowadays, folks are more inclined to introduce minimalism to their home arrangement, which is, without any doubt, a good thing. Imagine you have to pack for the move from your San Antonio home. These carpets will only add some necessary weight to your cargo. When searching for local movers within the United States of America, it's best to have minimalism in mind and declutter your items, such as old carpets. You should throw them away before you ask for help from local experts that'll arrange the relocation. You might think that a certain carpet "tied the room together" (like in the cult Cohen brothers flick), but it scared away your potential buyers! 

#7 Create more storage space

Ah, the ever-present issue of little or no storage place. As we've said, folks are turning minimalist, but they still need some free space to store stuff they can't part ways with! By creating more storage space inside your home, you'll have something nice to show to your potential buyers! Adding some floating shelves, for instance, might be the thing to do! This is certainly one of the easiest and most effective ways to add value to your San Antonio home.



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