August 24, 2021

How to Maximize Storage Space in Your Home


Have you ever wondered how it’s possible that you accumulated a mountain of belongings in your home? You might not think about it, but everything you buy can add up to eventually become a pile of clutter and a big headache to tackle.


But sometimes, you just can’t help it. Even with the Marie Kondo method of categorization and purging everything that doesn’t ‘spark joy’, you might still find yourself wishing you had more storage space.


Here are a few tips for maximizing storage in your home, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space.

Install Shelves into the Walls

Yes, installing shelves can be tedious, but you won’t regret it. Shelves help you expand the space that you’re limited with to make your existing home feel bigger. You can hire a professional to install some custom-built shelves or you can go to the store and DIY some shelves along your walls.


Shelves are perfect for books, picture frames, plants, or any extra trinkets that you want to put on display.

Add Hidden Storage Compartments

The seats of your living room chairs can open to store toys. Containers under the coffee table can be used for magazines, blankets, and other items. Areas under the staircase can also be transformed into cozy storage spaces that are perfect for hiding extra items without looking messy.


There are tons of little nooks that can be turned into extra storage space. Not only does it keep your things out of sight, but it can also help you maximize the amount of storage you have.


This might be an obvious answer, but the more you declutter and throw things away, the more space you’ll have in your home. Think about the purpose of each item you own and whether it’s something you use often. If you haven’t seen or thought about something in a while, maybe it’s time to get rid of it.


Once you declutter every room in your house, you’ll be amazed at how much extra storage space you end up with and how much cleaner the house looks. Even when you thought it was impossible to find more storage space in your house, you will be able to spare some extra room.

Measure Your Storage Spaces and Find the Right Products

Make sure you measure each space correctly before buying anything like bins, containers, and drawers. Organization products and systems should make it easy for you to access your items. You want your storage system to be helping you optimize space, not take up unnecessary space.


Finding products that stack on top of each other or can tuck into small nooks are great for helping you maximize organizational space.

Rent a Self-Storage Unit

Sometimes, you just can’t get rid of anything or add additional space into your home. For seasonal items or things you don’t reach for often like old furniture and Christmas decorations, you can rent out a self-storage unit to store away anything you want. This helps you downsize your belongings and put anything that’s not needed away for short or long periods of time.


Jordan Zev

VP of Marketing & Success


Photo by Nathan Van Egmond on Unsplash


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