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March 9, 2020

March 5, 2020


If you are thinking about buying a home but currently holding back you are likely missing out on some great opportunity.  


Turn off the TV and social media, forget about the election, ignore market volatility, and get past the health epidemics.   If you do this and look objectively at the real estate market here in San Antonio and through out Texas the real estate market is solid and now is the time to make a move.  Here are some prime reasons to buy now:

·         Mortgage interest rates are at historic lows (30yr fixed @ 3.56%, 15yr fixed @ 3.09%). This means you can either afford more home or a lower mortgage payment than ever.  Additionally with the emergency Fed Rate cut just announced, rates may slide even lower.


·         Less buyer competition – lots of folks are sitting on the sidelines, this means less competition for the homes currently on the market.


·         Prices are getting higher – it’s a fact in Texas, real estate is appreciating and prices are on pace to move even higher through out 2020.   Right now you’re going to pay a premium, but tomorrow you’ll pay more.


·         Regardless of who wins the election people will still need to sell their houses


·         The stock market will go up and it will go down and people will still have to relocate and purchase a home.


No one knows exactly what will happen, but we can study the past and look for patterns.  History shows that regardless of who is in office, how low the market gets, or how fast a virus spreads, Texans and Americans alike move on and move on strong.   Don’t let fear or others keep you back from making a sound financial decision like purchasing real estate in Texas.


If you have any questions or would like to talk to someone about purchasing a home, give us a call or send us a message.  With no obligation, we’re happy to talk to you about what buying a home would like like for you.


“You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas” – Davy Crockett

​​​​​​​Jonathan Yokley, Owner/Agent, Texas Roadrunner Realty
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