October 16, 2019

We have all heard that your home is the biggest purchase that you will likely make in your life, so it is no wonder that when it comes to buying or selling, that people often fret about paying too much or selling for too little. At Roadrunner, we want to help you take the guesswork out of the market in San Antonio, Texas. We believe that our team can help you get your home at a great deal, or sell your home for top dollar. In fact, we believe in our services so strongly that we offer a full-service real estate listing for a fair flat fee of $3,500.


The Best Time to Sell


If you are considering selling your home but you do not have a specific date that you must sell your home by, then you can be strategic about listing your property. Typically, homes that are listed between May 1 – 15th spend less time on the market and sell for $1,600 dollars more than the average listing. The ability to sell your house quickly and for more money helps to keep even more buying power in your hand when you need to purchase your next property.

There are also some other factors that can influence how quickly, or how high a property will sell. These factors include job growth, current interest rates, and even tax incentives. Additionally, the real estate market in San Antonio is constantly changing. If you are considering selling your home, do not wait until May to contact us. Instead, call Roadrunner today so we can listen to your needs and help strategize the best approach that fits your needs.


Other Factors to Consider


If your home needs renovation, you may want to consider this process in the winter months. Many contractors have slower business during this time, so you may be able to get a reduced price on some of the work so they can ensure they have worked throughout their slow period.

Additionally, you may be able to take advantage of updating appliances or making energy-efficient choices that you can quickly claim on a tax return in the New Year. This fast turn-around time on your investment can help to keep more money in your pocket.

You should also watch to see how long homes are on the market. When homes are staying on the market longer, they generally command lower asking prices, while homes that sell quickly can go for over the listed price.


When to Buy


There are a number of different factors to consider when buying a home that can change when your time is right to seriously look for your perfect home. While sellers are typically looking to get out of their house immediately or to command the highest price for their home, those that are looking to buy can have a lot of different reasons for their purchase. For that reason, it is important to evaluate what is most important to you.

If you want to look at the market when you are going to have the most choices, the late spring and summer months are the best. However, while there are often more homes, there is also generally more competition for those homes, so you’ll have to be ready to move quickly.

In contrast, if you are looking to get the best price, time your search for the winter. Typically there is less inventory on the market, but because there are also fewer buyers, you may be able to negotiate a price that is significantly lower than the house would have been six months ago.




If you are looking to buy or sell your home in the San Antonio area, contact Texas Roadrunner Realty today 210-598-7600. We have our finger on the pulse of the local market and can work with you to identify the best strategy to help you sell your home, or to find your dream home today!

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